Enterprising times – a case for search best bets

Reading the e-Consultancy interview with Lou Rosenfeld on the importance of site search analytics, I was reminded of when I was product manager of intranet (or enterprise) search at the BBC. It was back in 2002. People complained that search was broken, but we had neither quantitative nor qualitative data to analyse. After consulting with […]

The new look BBC homepage and Gestalt

Generally I like the new look BBC homepage which officially went live last week after a couple of months in “beta”. It’s got most of what I want: news, weather, listings – the iplayer link could be more visible. Redesigns are rarely straightforward to get right. I’ve overseen a few in my time. You’re damned […]

Tagging tags tagging tags tagging tags

In today’s Online section in the Guardian there’s a piece by Jim McClellan on the success of Flickr (a photo sharing and organising website). According to co-founder Caterina Fake, in less than a year its membership has already reached 245,000 and grows at a rate of 5-10% a week. McClellan discusses the possibilities brought about […]

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