To do: switch on Labs features in Google Apps

I recently switched over from standard google mail, calendar etc. to make more use of and get my head round Google Apps. The first thing I noticed was that I’d lost some features I’d enabled on the standard gmail. I’d been using: Settings > General > Browser Connection > Always use https (for tighter security) […]

Keeping up to date with East Dulwich on the internet: Part 1 – Google Alerts

How do you keep on top of everything everyone’s saying about East Dulwich, or any other subject, online? In this series of short articles I’m going to run through a few things you can set up quickly and for free to follow what people are saying about the things you’re interested in. This article looks […]

Blog Readability Test

I’ve just been having a bit of fun with this… The Blog Readability Test. What level of education is required to understand your blog? – as seen on David Cushman’s site. Apparently you require a “high school” education to read this blog. I haven’t dug around to see what, if any, algorithm is being used […]

Google’s OpenSocial launches

Google says “the web is better when it’s social” so it must be true. OpenSocial from Google. Not another social network. Is this a nail in Facebook’s coffin? It’s funny, I’ve become so accustomed to consciously ingnoring google ads on web pages that the little box promoting the opensocial blog on the homepage nearly escaped […]

Momentarily I can be found!

Occasionally I search for my name on the web in the vain hope that one day I will no longer be buried beneath hundreds of thousands of prices for network interface cards (NICs). And to my great astonishment that day has arrived (at least on Google anyway)! I had to capture this as no doubt […]

Google base: another step towards global domination

If you add in every small business in the world – and believe me, Google is thinking that way – you can sum up Google’s ambitions in the commercial world as this: the company would like to provide a platform that mediates supply and demand for pretty much the entire world economy. John Battelle in […]

Google reader

I’ve been trying out the newly launched Google reader, which I was alerted to via my Bloglines subscription to a Google blog – oh my aren’t we just sooo post-modern 😉 You need a Google account (gmail address) to use it. Like gmail it makes extensive use of ajax for screen-based rather than page-based interactions. […]

Google calendar imminent?

I’ve been looking for some open source calendar software to sit alongside my blog for my own personal use and to share if useful one or two event categories with friends and family Having just read that a google calendar might be with us within a month, I might just wait and see what it […]

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