Welcome to England!

To mark last week’s change of London’s Eurostar terminus from Waterloo to St Pancras here’s a photo I snapped from the bus a couple of weeks ago. This parade of shops and restaurants is immediately opposite King’s Cross and St Pancras stations. Sandwiched between Orlando’s Cafe and Eddie’s Fish Bar is Euro Tandoori. As they […]

Cafe on the Rye – Opening hours

Update to this blog post (June 2010): Cafe on the Rye Open 7 DAYS A WEEK 9am-4:30pm November – February 9am-5:30pm March – October. For all info see the Cafe on the Rye website.

Peckham Rye Park Café latest

I have it on good authority that the café will open on Monday 12th November. Hooray! I met the people who’ll be running it today, they were kind enough to show me round. It looks fantastic. The very best of luck to them 🙂

Vote for the best bar in East Dulwich 2007 – East Dulwich Forum

It’s time for you to vote for your favourite East Dulwich bar (or pub) of the year. There’s no criteria for voting, just your favourite drinking establishment. Imagine you left East Dulwich for a few months and then returned, where would you go for your first drink? Where have you deservedly spent rather a lot […]

From BBC News: Parents warned of additives link

Watch out for… Sunset yellow (E110) – Colouring found in squashes Carmoisine (E122) – Red colouring in jellies Tartrazine (E102) – New colouring in lollies, fizzy drinks Ponceau 4R (E124) – Red colouring Sodium benzoate (E211) – Preservative Quinoline yellow (E104) – Food colouring Allura red AC (E129) – Orange / red food dye BBC […]

Food4Thought campaign from the British Heart Foundation (BHF)

With junk food giant visual design treatment. Frightening food facts about what’s really on your plate. More info on the Food4Thought website. More than one in three children do not know what chips are made of, a survey for the British Heart Foundation reveals. A worrying 36% of 8-14 year-olds could not correctly identify the […]

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