Double espresso – Wesabe

Things I’ve been getting excited about recently over a double espresso… Wesabe I’ve been looking for easy ways to track what I’m spending. comes highly recommended but wouldn’t let me in without a US zip code (at the time of writing). So I went on the prowl for some alternatives. After some research, checking […]

Social networking – worth the wait?

Two things struck me when reading this article about Google’s Orkut being bigger than Facebook in India and Brazil. First, that people are prepared to wait up to five minutes for a page to load. Orkut – 1.5 minutes Facebook – 2.5 minutes Myspace – 5 minutes You can quickly see why Orkut is favoured […]

Intranet content management remixed

Ever since I saw them and started using them I could see that if we had Delicious, Technorati and Bloglines on our intranet it would change the way we work and our perception of what an intranet is. It’s something I’ve been presenting on at events recently to fellow intranet professionals. There are so many […]

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