Today’s lunchtime run in “flyover video”

(Update 16 Dec 2011: I’ve had to remove the embedded video, as it always autoplays every time anyone visits this website. V annoying!) Here it is on the mapmyrun website: A natty feature courtesy of the folks at MapMyRun. You don’t feel the hills quite so much in bird’s eye mode 🙂

Ten toes running diary – Day one

I recently bought a pair of Vibram Five Fingers running “shoes” after reading about barefoot running on the Britmilfit website. I’m not currently doing Britmilfit, but have done over the last ten years and can thoroughly recommend it. Today I was able to put a last minute client rescheduling to good use, and finally had […]

Running away with my thoughts

Just wondering if Twitter is changing the way I think. Even just thinking that sentence through as I type it, I wonder if I might tweet it, and subconsciously estimate the character count. (54 if you include the full stop, which I may not) I think of my best tweets when I’m running. Well, they […]

My Dad’s running the London Marathon and raising money for Myeloma UK

This year on Sunday 13th April, my Dad is running in the London Marathon. He’s a London Marathon veteran, but this is his first since breaking a bone in his neck two years ago in a near fatal fall while walking in the Swiss Alps. This year he’s raising money for the cancer charity Myeloma […]

What do I do to keep fit?

Nigel tagged me a wee while ago and I’ve finally had a moment to respond. Here are a few things I do to keep fit: Running – it’s my Dad’s fault, and it’s his Dad’s fault! There’s nothing quite like it for clearing my mind. The more undulating the better… the Yorkshire Dales and the […]

Gmaps Pedometer

Brilliant Google Maps hack, just what I’ve been looking for. Work out how far you’re walking, running, cycling etc. using virtual map pins. Turns out I wasn’t far off when I guessed Sunday Circuit at 10km in an earlier post. Using Gmaps Pedometer here’s the circuit at 9.7km (I’d add 300metres to get to the […]

26 miles 385 yards

Good luck to everyone doing the London Marathon on Sunday. It’s been years since I ran a marathon (I did 3 Londons and the Vienna – very different atmosphere and architecture!) – but last night I was moved to tears by the inspirational stories told in the BBC’s run-up to the marathon programme. Steve Cram […]

Sunday circuit

Good run… Up Dunstans Road and turn left (South) on to Lordship Lane Opposite Harvester on South Circular go through gate and up Cox’s Walk to Dulwich Woods Up hill over disused railway tunnel at back of Sydenham Hill Wood (Nature Reserve) which comes out on Sydenham Hill Turn right along Sydenham Hill to mini-roundabout […]

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