What’s in a name?

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A gem from the East Dulwich Forum

A friend once met an American called Randy who complained about “you Brits always sniggering at my name”, stifling his own giggles my friend politely reassured him though it had certain connotations in the UK, Randy was a fine name and that not all British people were that juvenile.
The American thanked him but said it happens every time he meets a Brit, they always fall about laughing “all I have to say is “Hi I’m Randy Bender””

Child genius

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Channel 4’s Child Genius made interesting viewing.

In a Seven Up style format, it will follow several “gifted children” – they are so bright their IQs are off the scale – as they develop to see how their lives pan out.

In one scene a ten year old boy is in conversation with a Professor of Philosophy walking round the gardens of an Oxford College.

Professor: “If you had to lose only one, would it be logic or emotion?”

Child genius (without hesitation): “Emotion, because then I wouldn’t feel unhappy”

Professor: “Ah, but you wouldn’t feel happy either.”

Child genius: “Yes, but I wouldn’t care.”