Essential intranet reading

Are you involved in intranet (in its broadest possible definition) content, design, management, publishing, thinking, consultancy, evaluation or strategy? What’s on your reading list? I’ll kick off with my blog subscriptions tagged “intranet” in google reader (view posts/subscribe to this list): Column Two – James Robertson in Australia, who is also behind the Intranet Innovation […]

What would your txt msg templates be?

These are the text message (SMS) templates that came with my phone: I am late. I will be there at I’m at home. Please call I’m at work. Please call I’m in a meeting, call me later at I will be arriving at Meeting is cancelled. Please call See you at See you in Sorry, […]

If you’re in this list, you can be trusted

Accountant Articled clerk of a limited company Assurance agent of recognised company Bank/building society official Barrister British Computer Society (BCS) – Professional grades which are Associate (AMBCS), Member (MBCS), Fellow (FBCS) (PN 25/2003) Broker Chairman/director of limited company Chemist Chiropodist Christian Science practitioner Commissioner of oaths Councillor: local or county Civil servant (permanent) Dentist Designated […]

Some recent bookmarks

Delicious seems to have stopped posting my bookmarks across on to this website, so here are a few recent additions: Should Designers and Developers Do Usability? (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox) to usability webdesign roles … saved by 38 other people … 1 day ago BBC NEWS |UK | ‘Most dangerous’ roads revealed to A682 yorkshiredales longpreston […]

Cycling charter from the Evening Standard

I saw that David Cameron fellow riding his bike to work down Constitution Hill this morning on my cycle commute to White City. He appeared to have a bit of an entourage and wasn’t wearing a cycle helmet. When I mentioned this to a friend at work he suggested he didn’t need a cycle helmet […]

What do I do to keep fit?

Nigel tagged me a wee while ago and I’ve finally had a moment to respond. Here are a few things I do to keep fit: Running – it’s my Dad’s fault, and it’s his Dad’s fault! There’s nothing quite like it for clearing my mind. The more undulating the better… the Yorkshire Dales and the […]

The Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda

Every now and then I read something that seems to coincide with my life so perfectly I imagine there must be an Amélie-like character who has placed it in my path. This is certainly true of John Maeda’s book The Laws of Simplicity (Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life). Maeda is a world-renowned graphic designer, visual […]

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