Essential intranet reading

Are you involved in intranet (in its broadest possible definition) content, design, management, publishing, thinking, consultancy, evaluation or strategy? What’s on your reading list? I’ll kick off with my blog subscriptions tagged “intranet” in google reader (view posts/subscribe to this list): Column Two – James Robertson in Australia, who is also behind the Intranet Innovation […]

N95 – two things I can never remember how to do

I’ve had my Nokia N95 phone since June. I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s good for looking at websites, the camera is great despite the shutter lag, video quality good. It’s ok for having phone calls on. Battery life’s ok. I haven’t got the patience with the GPS, and sometimes I do wonder if it’s […]

Intranet personalisation: good or bad?

If you have web apps like travel booking systems or services like discussion forums running on your intranet you already have personalisation. Whether it’s any good is down to how well it’s designed and presented and how it feels to use. For company intranet homepages I don’t think there’s any question that personalisation will become […]

Automatic accents

Do you have a lift at work? Does it have a male or female voice? Who decided that? Does a lift in Belfast have a different accent to a lift in Manchester, Falmouth or Glasgow? Should the automated announcements on trains change accent depending on which part of the country you’re in?

IT Conversations

Don’t be put off by the name! If you’re interested in anything vaguely related to technology there’s something to listen to here. I finally started catching up with some of my blog, news and podcast subscriptions recently and that coincided well with the arrival of my Nokia N95. Some podcast stuff I’ve been listening to […]

Grand Designs comes to East Dulwich

There’s talk over in the East Dulwich Forum that Channel Four’s Grand Designs has been filming in Landells Road in East Dulwich. The episode is scheduled to go out on Wednesday 16th May. And last night saw Kevin McCloud revisiting Peckham.

The Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda

Every now and then I read something that seems to coincide with my life so perfectly I imagine there must be an Amélie-like character who has placed it in my path. This is certainly true of John Maeda’s book The Laws of Simplicity (Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life). Maeda is a world-renowned graphic designer, visual […]

Creating Passionate Users: Dilbert and the zone of mediocrity

Just read this brilliant and incredibly timely (for me anyway!) post from the always passionate Kathy Sierra. To avoid the Zone of Mediocrity, you must suspend disbelief. You must be willing and able to turn off (temporarily) The Voice inside that says, “We’ll never get away with this. People will hate it.” That doesn’t necessarily […]

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