The cycling bit’s true anyway

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I’ve just restarted BMF fitness training in Hyde Park, which I can thoroughly recommend to anyone who likes being shouted at at 7am.

After my first session in over three years this morning I was preparing to cycle the rest of the way in to work when I thought I’d better have a banana to keep the energy levels going.

As I was sorting this out I could see a familiar face coming towards me, also on a bike.

I raised a hand and a smile and shouted “Hi, how’s it going?”

The cyclist coming towards me echoed my “Hi, how’s it going?” with a friendly smile.

Only as he got a little closer did I realise it wasn’t someone I know but Tory leader David Cameron… complete with an England flag flying from the back of his bicycle!

Gmaps Pedometer

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Brilliant Google Maps hack, just what I’ve been looking for.

Work out how far you’re walking, running, cycling etc. using virtual map pins.

Turns out I wasn’t far off when I guessed Sunday Circuit at 10km in an earlier post.

Using Gmaps Pedometer here’s the circuit at 9.7km (I’d add 300metres to get to the circuit from where I live and back.

You can also toggle elevation on and off to show you all the hills in profile.

Onwards and upwards

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Indoor Climbing

Indoor climbing has been including [sic] in the proposals because it is an endurance sport, which is very complementary with cycling and with plenty of crossover between the two. There is currently no indoor climbing centre of regional status in South London. Such a facility is profit making and will attract around 30-50,000 visits per year. The proposal has strong backing from the British Mountaineering Council. Other such centres in the west and east of London have been carefully researched to identify the requirements and operational issues of this sport.

Part of the proposed £6 million regeneration plans for the Herne Hill Velodrome.

I’m not sure what the current status of it all is though. According to this page the proposals have been given “outline planning consent,” but it’s hard to tell when the site was last updated (it looks like 2004 from the page footer, but sometimes footer info can get left behind!).

If it is going ahead I’m particularly excited having just been re-introduced to climbing for the first time in 22 years – at the Westway Sports Centre. I had a feeling I was going to enjoy it, I just had no idea quite how much, big big thanks to Al Siddons!