Prototype kitchen

Working in digital product research and design, I can’t remember a project where we didn’t use a prototype in one form or another. I’d not thought about doing it in the house until necessity paved the way – we ran out of time… We’d worked up the eventual kitchen design through various discussions with Sam […]

Today’s lunchtime run in “flyover video”

(Update 16 Dec 2011: I’ve had to remove the embedded video, as it always autoplays every time anyone visits this website. V annoying!) Here it is on the mapmyrun website: A natty feature courtesy of the folks at MapMyRun. You don’t feel the hills quite so much in bird’s eye mode 🙂

Arts spaces as workplaces – London’s Royal Festival Hall

Since I went freelance nearly four years ago, I’ve spent a lot of time working in – and a lot of time talking about – The Royal Festival Hall in London’s South Bank Centre. Today is the last day I’ll cycle up here from home in London. Next week we’re moving to Bristol, and really […]

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