And… we’re back

I’m going to start blogging again. There. I’ve said it. Out loud. On here. So it’s public, even if it’s not going viral. Amongst other things, I plan to write about sharing, listening, making time, paying attention, noticing, designing systems, and information architecture. First up, I’ve updated to using the WordPress 2017 ThemeĀ – it plays […]

Golly. Hello blogosphere. You still here?

After reading so many posts in the blogosphere about its own demise, I must say it’s quite a relief to see it’s still here. And according to google reader people are still writing stuff in their weblogs. And not just about the death of blogging either. Now. If only I could have thought of a […]

Keeping the conversation going

One of the things I find tricky with blogs is remembering to go back and check whether anyone’s followed up on any comments I’ve made. There’s a system called coComment which is designed to help with this, but for some reason it feels like too much effort – or at least it did when I […]

Not so chubby – The Grocer’s Blog

A take on the blogging CEO PR stunt… Waitrose head honcho Mark Price (no relation) wants to drop a couple of trouser sizes in three months and is using a blog called Not so chubby on the Waitrose website to record his experience – including his food diary and how many column inches he’s picking […]

A few changes to this website

I’ve made a couple of changes to this website. First, I’ve added a new page called Subscribe, with information about the three ways you can keep up to date with new posts on this site. Second, I’ve bitten the bullet and have decided to try out Google adsense. This means if you’re looking directly at […]

Intranet content management remixed

Ever since I saw them and started using them I could see that if we had Delicious, Technorati and Bloglines on our intranet it would change the way we work and our perception of what an intranet is. It’s something I’ve been presenting on at events recently to fellow intranet professionals. There are so many […]


Blogging is changing and challenging journalism. It changed and challenged mine even though I was doing the blogging. It is a way to focus the collective intelligence of the audience onto the facts and arguments. Moblogging from a single device that can do words, pictures, audio and video gives us a taste of the future: […]

Bloggers need not apply

Blogger beware! Job seekers who are also bloggers may have a tough road ahead, if our committee’s experience is any indication. You may think your blog is a harmless outlet. You may use the faulty logic of the blogger, “Oh, no one will see it anyway.” Don’t count on it. Even if you take your […]

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