The Gnomes, Vaudeville Entertainers

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The Gnomes, Vaudeville Entertainers

The Gnomes, Vaudeville entertainers (photo on Flickr)

Almost a hundred years ago, my great grandparents (my father’s father’s parents) were in The Gnomes, a group of London-based vaudeville entertainers.

My great-grandfather, Edgar Sidney (standing on the right in this photograph), directed the group. He wrote the words for the “humorous song” I’m going to grow a moustache (photo of front cover).

My great-grandmother Gertrude Clive (second from the left in the photograph), was an accomplished piano accompanist.

The full line-up of The Gnomes (from photo of hire sheet):

  • Gladys Glover, Soprano
  • Mamie Bell, Comedienne
  • Gertrude Clive, Accompanist
  • Geoffrey Arnott, Baritone
  • Marshall Holt, Comedian
  • Edgar Sidney, Entertainer

If anybody has any further information about The Gnomes (sometimes also known as The Merry Gnomes), it would be great to hear from you.

Why I think ASUS Padfone misses the point

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I’ve just watched the shiny video promo for the new ASUS Padfone.

It’s a tablet (think iPad, Galaxy) with a marsupial-style pouch for a mobile handset.

No longer will you suffer eye-strain trying to read those tiny words on the handset screen. Just pop it in to the tablet, and read them in large print on the tablet.

ASUS promises seamless data transfer between the devices.

We are reassured that they’ve been using Design Thinking to make the product (or is that products? I’m not sure)

Now… am I missing something here?

As the owner of a mobile (smartphone) handset as well as a tablet, the last thing I want is to have to surrender my handset so I can use my tablet.

I’ve already chosen to carry a phone and a tablet around with me.

I like having both, and choose to have both because they serve me in different ways.

Surely data transfer can be just as seamless by pairing my devices using Bluetooth (or its successors). Sure, every now and then, it would be useful to be able to tap a webpage on my phone screen and it offer me the chance to view it on my tablet.

But keep them separate physically, and I’ll choose how and when I use each one.

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