Twitter Updates for 2008-10-28

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  • What is it with all this “reaching out” all of a sudden? I have a conspiracy theory involving the Four Tops. Even if it was 42 years ago. #
  • Sheltered from big rain under railway bridge by Waterloo Station with fellow cyclists on way home. Heard it was snow further north. #
  • Sleet in south London. Maybe the snow’s on its way. #
  • @sammenter What happened to the other 10? 😉 #
  • @tomVS some great tweets at Not all London of course, but it’s a Twitter blizzard right now 🙂 #

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-26

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  • Regaining digital-ness after 2 days off. Free train wifi thanks to National Express east coast. Have several wonderful emails to reply to. #
  • Laughing out loud on the train to the Mayo Kermode podcast. Professor says he shed tears at end of High School Musical 3. Toodles vs Bond. #

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-23

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  • @sammenter I must add that to my pattern library 😉 #
  • Tuning in to BBC World Service to listen to @cybersoc. Bit concerned that @DanDamon fell asleep 113 days ago. #
  • Retweeting @Cennydd: Sorry. No. Architect is not a verb. #
  • Watching Tony Robbins on TED from 2006 He’s talking jolly fast. He keeps asking the audience questions and saying “Say I” #
  • The intranet innovations James Robertson would like to see in 2009 #

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-22

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  • In “virtual meetings” all day today. Odd expression that. Surely it’s either a meeting or it’s not. Will soon find out… #
  • @teppie Tell us who the company is on Twitter. They should get message 😉 #
  • An intranet is an ecosystem, not a busines system. An intranet manager must be a constant gardener. #
  • Russell T Davies on BBC five live. Doctor Who was the result of a 1960s focus group. I’m in shock! #
  • Backing up gmail with Thunderbird / pop3 #
  • Connect, be active, be curious, learn, give. These are the 5 steps to happiness. According to research. Via Times article #
  • @euan So true. I find it strange trying to think about doing those things without the web or good technology. #
  • @teppie Perhaps a twitter version of this might be handy for later 🙂 #