Cyclists should be allowed to use the road

Reading time: 1 minuteI’ve just added my name to this petition: The new highway code requries cyclsits to use cycle facilities ‘wherever possible’. Many facilities are of poor standard, or just plain dangerous. cyclists should not be forced to use such facilities against their better judgment. In short, cyclists should be allowed to use the road. Deadline to […]

What’s in a name?

Reading time: 1 minuteA gem from the East Dulwich Forum… A friend once met an American called Randy who complained about “you Brits always sniggering at my name”, stifling his own giggles my friend politely reassured him though it had certain connotations in the UK, Randy was a fine name and that not all British people were that […]

Cycling charter from the Evening Standard

Reading time: 2 minutesI saw that David Cameron fellow riding his bike to work down Constitution Hill this morning on my cycle commute to White City. He appeared to have a bit of an entourage and wasn’t wearing a cycle helmet. When I mentioned this to a friend at work he suggested he didn’t need a cycle helmet […]

My Dad’s photos from the top of Kilimanjaro

Reading time: 1 minuteIn 2005 my Dad walked up Mount Kilimanjaro. Here’s a spectacular picture he took from the summit. It’s difficult to get a true sense of scale. And having watched An Inconvenient Truth, it’s a moment in time that may never be recaptured.

What do I do to keep fit?

Reading time: 1 minuteNigel tagged me a wee while ago and I’ve finally had a moment to respond. Here are a few things I do to keep fit: Running – it’s my Dad’s fault, and it’s his Dad’s fault! There’s nothing quite like it for clearing my mind. The more undulating the better… the Yorkshire Dales and the […]

The parent button

Reading time: 1 minuteIt’s my younger son’s first birthday today. He has been given some amazing presents, most of which make various electronic noises and tunes when bits of them are pressed. It struck me that a lot of them don’t have an “off” button, or “parent button” as I call it. Some do, but many, like the […]

This week in the East Dulwich Forum

Reading time: 1 minuteStuff that’s caght my eye in the excellent East Dulwich Forum. Moxons the fishmongers has opened a shop on Lordship Lane. Two Trees Lounge has closed – shame, the did good pizzas and had a never ending source of Claude Challe music. Join us for some early morning running (and here too) round the local […]

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