It was the chicken’s day off

This from razorhead’s blog which I stumbled on the other day and is well worth a read. There are five types of road crossing in use on UK roads: Refuge: these are the islands in the centre of the road usually demarked by illuminated keep left/right signs which have be battered by cars that managed […]

Be careful what you teach your children!

Four year-old joy rider takes the wheel From Oddly Enough on the Reuters website: “What he was doing was jump down, hit the accelerator, and get back up so he could see where he was going,” Hayden said, explaining how someone who was too short to reach the floor pedals was able to drive a […]

Don’t just do it… B&Q it!

Congratulations to British yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur who a few moments ago tonight sailed her boat (the B&Q) in to the history books. She sets a new solo round the world sailing record of 71 days 14 hours, knocking a day and a half off the previous record set last year by French sailor Francis Joyon. […]

Where the dill grows

On the following from a book titled East Dulwich by John D Beasley: In A View of Dulwich, Peckham and Camberwell around 1300 Rosemary Warhurst records that in 1340 there was a hamlet called Est Dilewissh where William Mabuhs, a marshall, sold houses, gardens, arable lands, heath and enclosures to John Leverich. This was […]

Ivan Noble – “not defeated”

Ivan Noble has posted his final “tumour diary” entry. Ivan is a technology journalist at the BBC. He was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in 2002 and has kept an online diary of his life since. He has become too ill to write. His final plea: I will end with a plea. I still […]

Minor diversion

We were talking earlier about a radio programme I wish I’d heard yesterday. Apparently someone has been researching in to whether our association of minor keys in music with melancholy or sadness is innate or caused by conditioning. Their conclusion is that it’s something we’re born with. I’d never stopped to think about it before, […]

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