Running away with my thoughts

Just wondering if Twitter is changing the way I think. Even just thinking that sentence through as I type it, I wonder if I might tweet it, and subconsciously estimate the character count. (54 if you include the full stop, which I may not) I think of my best tweets when I’m running. Well, they […]

Re-cycling difficulties in London

Serco staff struggle to cope with the overflow bike parking near Waterloo Station by London’s South Bank. They were having to free up some docking stations so people could check their bikes in. The surplus bikes are then loaded on to a lorry and distributed to empty or depleted cycle hire locations around the capital. […]

Don’t let distance get in the way of your user research

There’s an advertising campaign at the moment for Blackberry, the smartphone company, using the tag line “Closeness has nothing to do with distance.” These days we can all carry our loved ones around in our pocket or handbag using the various social networking features of the Blackberry – including using it as a phone, presumably. […]

Traffic lights and inclusive design

Why are there three separate lights in the standard traffic light setup? Why are they vertically arranged? In a nutshell: don’t rely on colour alone to convey meaning in your information design.

What is a hashtag?

[Encouraged by a friend after I wrote this explanation in Facebook, I’m posting it here and planning to start writing more than 140 characters again every so often] A hashtag is a type of label (or metadata) that you can include as part of a message on sites like Twitter. It then allows people to […]

How would a butterfly inspire your next design?

That’s the question currently on the homepage of Ask Nature, a new web-based resource which catalogues the many ways we can learn from nature when we’re trying to solve problems. The project is run by the Biomimicry Institute. The site was announced this morning at TED Global in Oxford. Here’s an excerpt: Anchors of bull […]

Enterprising times – a case for search best bets

Reading the e-Consultancy interview with Lou Rosenfeld on the importance of site search analytics, I was reminded of when I was product manager of intranet (or enterprise) search at the BBC. It was back in 2002. People complained that search was broken, but we had neither quantitative nor qualitative data to analyse. After consulting with […]

Keeping up to date with East Dulwich on the internet: Part 4 – Delicious RSS feeds

This series of short articles explains some simple and free ways to use the internet to keep tabs on the subjects you’re interested in. I’m using East Dulwich as the example subject. Previously: Part 1 – Google Alerts, Part 2 – Technorati Watchlists, Part 3 – Twitter tracking. This article is about following Delicious bookmark […]

Keeping up to date with East Dulwich on the internet: Part 3 – Twitter tracking

In this series of short articles, I’m looking at different ways of subject-tracking on the internet. Previous articles covered Google Alerts and Technorati Watchlists. This article is about Twitter and its tracking feature, using East Dulwich as the example subject. Twitter Twitter lets you share your thoughts with the world. You can do this by […]

Keeping up to date with East Dulwich on the internet: Part 2 – Technorati Watchlists

How do you keep on top of everything everyone’s saying about East Dulwich, or any other subject, online? In this series of short articles I’m going to run through a few things you can set up quickly and for free to follow what people are saying about the things you’re interested in. [Also in this […]

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