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In today’s Online section in the Guardian there’s a piece by Jim McClellan on the success of Flickr (a photo sharing and organising website). According to co-founder Caterina Fake, in less than a year its membership has already reached 245,000 and grows at a rate of 5-10% a week. McClellan discusses the possibilities brought about […]

Microsooooooooooft takes on Google

Today Microsoft launches MSN Search which it hopes will give Larry and Sergei a run for their money. Looks like the folks behind it have taken a leaf out of the minimalist design book, and the results are delivered in a very familiar style to Google’s. However good it is, personally it would take an […]

I wonder what effect this will have on the way we buy houses

The UK Land Registry have made all Land Register and Title Plan information since 2001 available on the internet. For £2 you can find out how much your neighbour paid for their gaff. You can’t search by someone’s name, but if you know their house number and street name you can find out the price […]

Ivan Noble – “not defeated”

Ivan Noble has posted his final “tumour diary” entry. Ivan is a technology journalist at the BBC. He was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in 2002 and has kept an online diary of his life since. He has become too ill to write. His final plea: I will end with a plea. I still […]

Minor diversion

We were talking earlier about a radio programme I wish I’d heard yesterday. Apparently someone has been researching in to whether our association of minor keys in music with melancholy or sadness is innate or caused by conditioning. Their conclusion is that it’s something we’re born with. I’d never stopped to think about it before, […]


I’m interested in learning more about localism. I want to find out what it means, and how its meaning varies from context to context. In economics, politics, food and agriculture, broadcasting and religion both here in the UK and elsewhere in the world. This is the current Wikipedia definition of localism: Localism usually describes social […]

Setting up a WordPress blog on PlusNet

I’ve been getting around to setting up a blog for ages… One of the things that’s put me off is making a decision on what software to go with, what account type to buy etc. etc. I was pointed towards WordPress by another PlusNet user in the discussion forum and so I thought I’d have […]

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