Moving house, virtually

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When you move house and send your change of address cards out, you probably only put your new address on the cards and not your old one. And if people want to send you a “Happy New Home” card they’ll need to copy down your new address on to an envelope.

But when people change email address, more often than not, they send out the “Change of email address” email from their old email address. This is true for the last six such emails I have received.

So if you’re changing email address, transfer your contacts list and send your Change of address email from your new account. You never know how many virtual “Happy new home” cards you might be missing.

And please send them individually or use the BCC field. Just in case anyone accidentally hits the “Reply all” button.

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  1. Yes I’ve noticed that people to this one too and often only after I’ve saved the address they’ve sent it from to my address book. And as for people sending out group emails sharing your address with all and sundry, well, don’t get me started, it’s almost as bad as the people who then reply-to-all…

  2. this could be because to avoid spam filters.
    There’s a guarentee that the using the old email will get through but not the new address.

    – oh and yeah this is Terri.

  3. Terri hi – I see what you mean.

    Though I’m not sure it’s deliberate or conscious on most peoples part.

  4. Hey, with regards to change of address letters and the like, you can make change off address letters and house warming invites on – for anyone moving home in the UK =]

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