Is Google down?

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It’s 14:00 GMT and I haven’t been able to access google or gmail for the last 15 minutes.

Every other website I access regularly is working fine.

I can’t remember, but I don’t think this has happened to me before.

I wonder how widespread it is?

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  1. Gmail isn’t working for me either. That’s the trouble with webmail. It’s extremely convenient when it works but can be disasterous if the service goes down and you really need access to some information. From now, I’m going to start using POP mail in combination with gmail.

  2. Yes. For sure. It’s nearly 3pm London time and I’ve been trying for well over an hour to get it. Most other google servers seem to be live, but gmail is timing out. It fails a ping test.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but all of us who cannot access GMail seem to be in England. Is GMail down only in England, then?

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