Smile and be happy

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Out of the gloom
a voice said unto me
“Smile and be happy,
things could be worse.”
So I smiled and was happy
and behold
things did get worse.

I don’t know where this originated, but it was on the pinboard at home when I was growing up with a big yellow smiley face above it. I liked it because it made my parents laugh.

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  1. It’s now a rather battered piece of paper attached to the fridge but it still makes me laugh. I’ve been thinking about how it originated and I believe it goes back to our Rome days when Dad, Chris and the team had been struggling with a particularly difficult project and someone came up with it. We added the yellow smiley face and the rest, as they say, is family history!!

  2. Hello

    Smile and be happy, ‘caus it could be worse…bla bla it got worse

    I saw it in the Hitchicker guide to the galaxy “triology”. Never seen it elsewhere. Just as a clue if you’re still searching for the origin since 11 years. 🙂

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